April 11, 2022


To Whom this May Concern,


On April 1, 2022 John Belton the owner of Citizens Transfer & Storage Co., Inc. sold the assets of Citizens Transfer to a company called Coleman World Group, LLC, based out of Alabama.  Coleman is the largest Allied Van Lines agent in the world and they own 56 locations through out the United States.  Within the transaction John Belton retains the name Citizens Transfer & Storage Co., Inc. but is allowing Coleman to use the name for up to 4 years.  Myself and Donna Fontaine, my Vice President, moved down the street to Citizens Business Archives (CBA) 710 E. Silverlake Rd. Tucson, AZ 85713 and our phone number is 520-882-4434.  Citizens Business Archives is a DBA of Citizens Transfer & Storage Co., Inc. and the following items remain the same; our tax ID is 86-0012110, our website is www.citizenstransfer.com and our email addresses of, mail@citizenstransfer.com and jbelton@citizenstransfer.com.


Coleman World Wide Group, LLC will be performing the moving and household storage portion of Citizens Transfer & Storage Co., Inc. and Citizens Business Archives or CBA will continue to perform document storage and destruction services.  We added document storage to the services performed by Citizens Transfer & Storage Co., Inc. in the early 1970’s and then in early 1980 we added Citizens Business Archives as the name of the Document Storage entity for the services performed by CBA.  In September of 1997 we purchased a company called AAA Archives.  In early 1998 we purchased the building at 710 E. Silverlake Rd.  We moved the newly purchased AAA Archives into the 710 E. Silverlake Rd. building along with the document storage cartons that we had stored at 601 E. 24th St. and we have worked out of the 710 E. Silverlake Rd. building ever since that time.  In November of 2010 we purchased another document storage company called FACS Record Center bringing our total amount of managed cartons to roughly 270,000 or 2,147,096 files under roof.


Citizens Business Archives is your one stop shop for all of your document storage requirements.  CBA does document storage for all types of cartons, letter size, legal size, x-ray and drawing cartons.  We perform pickup and delivery services for document storage, files and shredding.  We perform secured document shredding for businesses and homes with a certificate of destruction and we have many types of shredding consoles to choose from.  We perform internal and external indexing for our customers.  Internal indexing is the data entry of the internal file description to assist with tracking your documents and external indexing is the data entry of the descriptions or numbers on the outside of the carton.  We work with our clients to understand how they are able to gain access to their files and we develop a plan based on their needs for delivery of their files.  As an example, for medical offices we track the first and last name of the patient, their date of birth, the MRN file number, and the year of the file.  We can custom create your data based on your needs.  Citizens Business Archives does it all for your document storage services.


Citizens Business Archives mailing address and remittance of payments is 710 E. Silverlake Rd. Tucson, AZ 85713 and you can contact us at 520-882-4434, mail@citizenstransfer.com or our fax number at 520-884-0599.

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